One easy way to reboot & reduce stress anytime of the day

One easy way to reboot & reduce stress anytime of the day

City living is exhausting.  The mornings start early and the day finishes late usually with little to no rest periods in between.

Even when you find yourself trying to find a quiet corner in a coffee shop, background noises and distractions still keep your mind and thoughts racing.  So how can you relax when you’ve got so much going on?

The ‘M’ word: Meditation was the buzzword for 2016 and continues to take the top spot this year for the best way to relax.  Put simply, meditation allows one to be relaxed, thoughtless and disconnect: a de-cluttering of the mind.  



Meditation has been proved to lower high blood pressure, reduce anxiety attacks and increase serotonin production that improves mood and behavior, which leads to an increase in concentration, improved communication and rejuvenation of the mind and body.  

Scheduling a few minutes of meditation into your day will increase your energy levels, improve your immune system and decrease any tension you may have.  What better way to lead a more healthier and happier lifestyle?  



You don’t need to be sat on a blanket on a beach in Bali, (in a dream world, yes - crying emoji), but you can meditate pretty much anywhere.  Thanks to Apple’s new feature, Breathe, all you need to do is close your eyes and let it guide you into a calm state.  

So are you ready?  Here are my top tips on how to start:

Close your eyes, sit in complete stillness, and let the watch’s vibration will prompt you to inhale and exhale, whilst recording your heart rate each time.  (I usually do 7 breaths, which equates to 1 minute of meditation.)  Sometimes I’m super stressed, so my heart rate will be higher but it’s a good way to track your progress.  

Whether it’s a change of environment without physically changing it or creating a sacred space with a relaxing candle nearby, do whatever works best for you, but more importantly, breathe.  

In those few minutes, take that time for you.  Let go of any tension, any bad thoughts, any worries you may have.  Once you’ve completed the exercise, it’s like hitting the restart button in the middle of the day; you’ll have more clarity and rational thoughts to go forth with.



Like everything else, practice makes perfect. Each day you practice you’ll improve how long you quiet the noise. Once imbibed into the daily routine, meditation becomes the best part of the day. You begin to truly be mindful and present with yourself and your environment.

Meditation, mindfulness and gratitude are all interlinked in some way or another.  It’s like a seed. When you cultivate a seed with love, the more it blossoms. So the more you spend time giving yourself a chance to breathe, the more benefits you’ll start to see in your lifestyle.

Dive deep into yourself and enrich your life.

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