5 Benefits of Oil Make-Up Remover

5 Benefits of Oil Make-Up Remover


We have the solution you've been waiting to effectively remove your make-up without waking up with mascara down to the ears. We bet that after reading this article, the cleansing oil will become your new beauty ally.

1. It cleans everything everything

Gone are the morning panda eyes.  Oil removes all traces of makeup without leaving any trace. How? Make-up is soluble in a fatty substance, so the oil imprisons it in an instant. Bonus: It also removes the impurities and the traces left by the pollution.

2. It saves time in the evening

Faster and more efficient than a wipe.  Oil make-up remover has the advantage of being very easy to use. A dime size is applied to the palm of the hand and the face is gently massaged for 30 seconds before rinsing with water. You'll see it's just magic!

3. It is green

By opting for an oil and its  "massage" application we do not use any cotton or wipes to remove  makeup. and that is a good reason!

4. It hydrates the skin

Unlike micellar water, oil does not have a tugging" affect and the skin remains hydrated even after rinsing. And for those who would ask the question,  oil does not leave a fatty finish on the face.

5.It exists in natural version

In view of its effectiveness, almost all brands now contain some oils in their ingredients; making them cleaner. To avoid risk, we opt for the natural version: Coconut oor hazelnut oils! They are effective, safe for the skin, and smell great.


TOP 5:

Cleansing Oil, DHC, 27,95 €


Cleansing care oil, Caudalie, 14,80 €


Nourishing Cleansing Oil, Tata Harper, 64 €


Cleansing oil, Cha Ling, 45 €


Coconut oil cleansing wipes, RMS Beauty, 16 €

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