7 Tips to Becoming a Morning Person

7 Tips to Becoming a Morning Person


Early mornings don't have to be as dreadful as we make them out to be. Waking up early is a mood booster and increases productivity. 

Like anything new, it takes work and effort to make a new routine a natural habit. Putting these tips into habitual practice and simply faking it till you make it, will turn it from "working at it" to just your "being" a morning person. Experiment with these tips to find what works for you.  Here are our best tips to make that morning wake up call just a little bit easier everyday. 

Plan Ahead

Start an evening routine, it is going to be a huge help! It saves you a lot of time in the morning. So things like ironing your clothes, making a healthy lunch, even preparing your breakfast, writing to-do lists or choosing what the next workout will be, all the things that can make the mornings easier. 


Power Down/ Disconnect  

So stop staring at bright screens, turn off TV, get off Pinterest and read a book.- turning off light and stop using your phone an hour before helps the body get on bed time mode. so give social media a rest! 


Give yourself a Bedtime  

You know the saying; early to bed, early to rise. Sometimes the struggle is not with getting up but rather going to be early enough and getting adequate amounts of sleep. Don't forget to be honest about how much sleep you need and how much you get. Be mindful of what food and drinks you intake before bed and how they affect your sleep. . Pay attention to your body and mind.  


Don't hit the snooze

 set your alarm and place your phone away from bed somewhere where you have to get up. It forces you to get up out of bed. Don't lay back down. You may think you are getting a few more minutes of more rest, but actually it makes it more difficult to get up as your body is more exhausted from those extra minutes of sleep. It is a bit exhausting on the mind to wake up and fall back asleep so just do yourself the favor and don't snooze! Jump right into it. 


Be Present/ Seize the day

 Don't use your phone as soon as you open your eyes. Take a second to mediate and be present in waking up - It allows you to start your day in a very relaxed and intentional way. In the morning, say or write down three things you are grateful for, listen to an inspirational podcast, read,  set a focus for the day and organize your to do's of the day.  Notice how you feel about yourself when you have given yourself the time to get a good start on the day. You will feel happier, more productive and better at dealing with problems.


Have water and a healthy Breakfast

 After six or eight hours without water you may be dehydrated!  Water with lemon first thing in the morning can help flush the digestive system and re-hydrate the body. Whether its your overnight oats or and on the go meal, always have a hearty and nutritious breakfast. Skipping the most important meal of the day is linked to poor dietary later habits and throws your system off balance. 

Morning Sweat

Exercise when the sun comes up, research show that will power is strongest in the early am. Early morning workouts boost your energy and exercising before breakfast burns more fat calories and results in more weight loss than exercising after breakfast. 
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